Puzzle H2 (Part Two)

Thanks to your coding skills, the P-47 was quickly found at N21° 22.914′ W157° 41.949′ in only about 15-20 feet of water and Navy divers started carefully recovering the bombs. There’s a problem though, it looks like
one of the bombs was ripped off the aircraft in the crash. The sonar engineers have written another function for you called bomb_ping to search for smaller objects but it is less accurate and will return false detections. An accurate bomb_ping will return a lat and lon +/- 1 degree from the location, so if the
bomb was at (2,2), bomb_ping would also return True for (1,1),(1,2),(2,2) etc. A false detect of a piece of scrap metal or plane wreckage will only return one grid coordinate.

Using the same type of inputs for used for ping, call bomb_ping and print the results to the screen or log them and sort them for bonus props. Based on the values returned, determine which values represent false detections and which is the bomb location so the Navy Divers can recover the bomb before the storm comes in!

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