Learning Resources: Puzzles

One of the most important resources that you can have to facilitate learning is ‘a project‘. Something to inspire you, motivate you and drive you to keep coding.

Although I LOVE books and have many of them on programming, my best learning has come when I have something to work on, NOT when I am simply typing in code that someone else wrote in a book (or online course or web-tutorial).

A favorite project for me is to solve puzzles using code. Here are some places to find puzzles.

Dark Art’s Puzzle page These are some puzzles I dreamed up. I hope you enjoy!

Codingame This is my favorite gaming website at the moment. I love the “Code of Clash” competitions >> short fast competitions in real time with others.

Checkio I love Checkio >>> lots of great puzzles.

Project Euler 600+ puzzles with a focus on all things math.

Code Combat A fun, game-like adventure.

Reddit Daily Programmer New puzzles every other day in Easy, Medium and Hard.

If you have other puzzles sites that interest you, let us know.

– chalmer


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