Welcome to PyHawaii’s Inaugural Meeting

Our Agenda for the Day
* Introductions
* First look at PyHawaii goals, future agendas
* Puzzles: a puzzle solving session (work together/separately to tackle a wide variety of puzzles for fame and glory)
* TechTalk: see a demo on tablib, a @kennethreitz’s library for handling tabular datasets
* Padawan Track: new to programming/Python? we’ll get you started with a one-hour lesson on Python Basics for complete newbies.

Have ideas about PyHawaii or future renditions of it that you would like us to consider? Let us know! Add them to our google doc.

Want to do the puzzles? Dive in right here!

Enjoy your time here, with us. If you have any questions, ask! We are here to help.

Also! Welcome to our friends in the HIPUG Meetup group! and at HiCapacity!

Stay in touch:
Twitter: @py_hawaii
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pyhawaii

Have something you would like to share more privately? Reach out to the organizers at:
pyhawaii@googlegroups.com OR Let us now if you want to be in the conversation via Slack!